Airline Tuxedo Gets Bigsby

Black and white Tuxedo-CB features a Bigsby B-50 attached to a central block   24-Aug-11

Airline Tuxedo Gets Bigsby

Eastwood tell us that they have made only 12 of the new Airline TUXEDO-CB models in an initial run and they are selling fast.
The guitar is not yet listed on the Eastwood website, but you can order a standard Black Tuxedo from, then add a BIGSBY B-50 to the shopping cart. Eastwood will ship the new Tuxedo-CB.
(The "CB" stands for Center Block. Airline added a small block in the body that is only under the Bigsby and bridge. The rest of the guitar remains hollow, so the Tuxedo-CB retains much of the wonderful resonance of the original, but adds a Bigsby B-50.)
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