Vintage 1960's Wah Recreated

Vox announce a handwired version of the V846   02-Sep-11

Vintage 1960's Wah Recreated

Vox has announced the debut of the V846-HW Wah Wah pedal. They tell us that this new handwired Wah pedal pays homage to the original Wah Wah pedal, first introduced by VOX in the 1960s. The internal circuitry of the V846-HW uses no printed circuit boards whatsoever. Vox say that the handwired turret board construction requires labor-intensive hand-wiring artistry that creates an ideal and efficient signal path. A vox spokesperson told us, "Responding to every nuance of the guitarist's touch, the V846-HW is designed to be the ultimate Wah Wah pedal.
Here's more details in Vox's own words...
To complement the handwired turret board construction, every component, including the inductor, resistors, condenser and the potentiometer, has been carefully selected for premium fidelity, tone and durability. Outside, the diecast body features a sandblasted exterior with crepe finish. The V846-HW is a perfect combination of VOX's world-class technology, with classic specifications.
The inductor is the heart of every VOX Wah Wah pedal. The V846-HW uses a specially voiced vintage-spec Halo type inductor. The carefully selected magnetic core material and winding ensure a perfect reproduction of the original V846's wah sound, sought after by guitarists around the world. The potentiometer is a VOX original that features a distinctive response, and it is sealed for durability.
Carbon composite resistors (made in Japan by KAMAYA ELECTRIC CO., LTD) are used for their extremely low noise and uncolored sound. High-spec polyester film condensers are used. The high-quality footswitch made by Carling Technologies was selected for both its reliability and its good feel underfoot. The Switchcraft® jacks are well-known and trusted for their sturdy bushings, simple construction and high reliability. Together, these carefully selected components come together to provide unsurpassed audio quality.
Designed as the ultimate Wah Wah pedal for the tone purist, the V846-HW provides a true bypass circuit to preserve the guitar's tone going into and out of the pedal when not in use. Power is provided by a single 9-Volt battery.
Jim Elyea, noted VOX expert and author of VOX Amplifiers: The JMI Years, comments on the legendary sound of the VOX Wah Wah pedal: "Introduced in 1967, the VOX Wah Wah pedal was a simple design that changed the apparent pitch of the note(s) being played through it with the tapping of the player's foot. The VOX Wah Wah pedal was a classic example of a team effort in design, with Del Casher, the musician, and Brad Plunkett, the engineer, combining their strengths to produce an entirely new product. Originally marketed to trumpet players, the VOX Wah Wah soon became popular with guitar players, and was used on such classics as 'White Room,' 'Tales Of Brave Ulysses,' 'All Along The Watchtower,' 'Rainy Day,' 'Dream Away,' and 'Cloud Nine.' Later, a new breed of players adopted the sound of the VOX Wah Wah, and in fact, a song was even written about it, called 'Wah Wah.' After the introduction of the VOX Wah Wah pedal, Rock and Soul would never be the same."
VOX Wah Wah History
VOX created the world's first Wah Wah pedal back in the 1960s, forever changing the sound of rock music. In 1967, guitarists from around the world rushed to embrace the original V846 Wah Wah Pedal, known for its inimitable VOX sound. The V846 has more than earned its place in rock history, being used on countless legendary performances, including the famous playing of "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" at the Woodstock Music & Arts Fair in 1969. Now in 2011, the V846 has been reborn as the V846-HW (Handwired) Wah Wah Pedal.
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