Noel Gallagher Wants To Form A Supergroup

Ex-Oasis man would love to play with idols   09-Oct-11

Noel Gallagher Wants To Form A Supergroup

Ex-Oasis guitarist and frontman of the High Flying Birds, Noel Gallagher, has admitted that he would like to follow in Mick Jagger's foot steps by forming a supergroup.

Jagger formed Superheavy with Joss Stone, Damian Marley, Dave Stewart, and A.R. Rahman earlier this year. Gallagher has labelled the line-up as "F***ing ridiculous", but has suggested that he would like to form a super group of his own.

In an interview with, Gallagher said that he'd prefer to be in a group with members of The Smiths, The Jam, and Primal Scream:

"I'd love to do a supergroup as long as it wasn't like SuperHeavy. F**king ridiculous. You know, me, Johnny Marr, Mani, and Paul Weller. That would be great."

Gallagher also spoke on the subject of easing his extensive back-catalogue into his live set, calling up Morrissey as an example:

"I’m a massive fan of The Smiths and I know every word to every song. Now I’ve never seen him sing ‘Rubber Ring’ but the idea that you still might see him do it live is brilliant. To be there and be singing along to it would be really exciting, speaking as a fan. If you’ve got that kind of back catalogue, you can do that. And to be honest, Oasis have that kind of back catalogue."

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Allan    Said...

Of course he'd have to learn to play the guitar first!

09-Oct-11 10:20 AM

Alansdad    Said...


Get on on with your homework. Your Dad.

10-Oct-11 10:02 AM

AlansDadsWife    Said...

Alan's Dad! I asked you to mow the lawn hours ago, stop looking at guitar-based news online!

Your wife.

10-Oct-11 10:36 AM

Alans dads wife's secretly intimate friend    Said...

hey Alans dad,

I borrowed your lawnmower.... and when I say borrowed I really mean lost.

Sorry about that

PS That aint isnt hairgel on your keyboard

10-Oct-11 06:42 PM

Alans dads wife's secretly intimate friend's dog    Said...


10-Oct-11 08:48 PM

Allan    Said...

I guess someone has been at the mushrooms again.

11-Oct-11 11:04 AM

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