Three New Drive Pedals

Empress announces Fuzz, Distortion and Germ Drive   14-Oct-11

Three New Drive Pedals

Empress Effects tell us that after releasing the Multidrive, they got a lot of people asking, "Heyy, man, watz up? Dig the Multidrive, but I'm really only into fuzz, got anything for me??", so they created 3 drive pedals that each contain one of the subcircuits found in the Empress Multidrive.
    Empress Distortion
    From mild to crunch to lead, the empress distortion does it all. This true bypass pedal offers three flavors of distortion while retaining a super tight low end and naturally compressing like a high gain amp.
    Empress Germ Drive
    True to the tweed tube amps of the 50's, the germ drive delivers warm, harmonically rich overdrive that cleans up with a twist of your volume knob. Its tube-like break-up sounds extremely natural and will enhance your sound without masking the original tone of your instrument.
    Empress Fuzz
    This classic sounding fuzz offers smooth, rich sustain with great note definition. A tighter low end makes it ideal for full chords as well as sustaining single notes.
Pricing and Availability:
$179 each. More information:
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