Modified Versions Of TC Effects

TC Electronic introduces improved and exclusive 'iB Modified' Versions of Its G-System and Nova Delay   02-Nov-11

Modified Versions Of TC Effects

In the northern part of Italy, a tech wizard carries out modifications and designs complete guitar effects systems for some of the best guitar players in Europe that center around the TC Electronic G-System. His name is Massimo Mantovani, and one of his most popular mods is a G-System input buffer tweak.
Coincidentally, ProGuitarShop in the US, who has previously been working together with TC Electronic on creating custom PGS TonePrints, enquired if it would be possible to develop an improved version of G-System. The link to Mantovani was obvious.
Therefore, TC Electronic and ProGuitarShop set out to collaborate with Mantovani to develop the ultimate input buffer modification. By changing the analog input design as well as a number of components, they say that a super transparent tone that offers loads of punch and a snappier response has been created for all guitarists – and their crowds – to enjoy.
Further, the iB Modification has been implemented on exclusive, custom-run versions of both the G-System multi effects board and the Nova Delay pedal. G-System iB Modified will come in a mean-looking black finish that TC say will cause heads to spin on stages everywhere. TC also say that the new, red Nova Delay iB Modified will add class, style and superior delay processing to any pedal board.
iB Modified Main Features:
  • Pure Sonic Bliss – analog input buffer tweak for added transparency and punch.
  • Killer New Look – G-System iB in sleek black and Nova Delay iB in classy red.
  • Exclusive Editions – Custom runs.
  • Still The One – Apart from the above improvements, these exclusive editions feature the same ultimate versatility and musicality as their predecessors.
Pricing and Availability:
Available: November 2011
G-system iB Modified: USD 2,449 Retail Price / EUR 1,599 SSP
Nova Delay iB Modified: USD 345 Retail Price / EUR 259 SSP
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