Watts Up Episode 5, The Analog V.S. Digital Special

Rob and Rich go head to head   12-Dec-11

6:39 mins    

See part one of this episode above, with parts two and three below:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Rich Beech



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G. H.    Said...

Analog always wins on sonics, as your test shows, even though you didn't match levels etc it is obvious. Digital emulations sound flat, undynamic, just not alive, and not real. I think it is obvious if you like sound. I think the digital manufacturers need to justify why we should consider their amps, when they don't sound as good as the analog ones? that the digital amps I honestly think emulations are way less useable than the adds suggest, except perhaps when playing in a jam band where you want to flick different recognizeable sounds immediatly. Because, truely, what is more important for your tone than sound quality? They are the same.

Btw, the 'Pitch' pedal emulation didn't sound like a Hendrix octavia, which was actually a ring modulator.

Thanks for the test, not too surprising, but still a fun rundown.

26-Dec-11 08:55 AM

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