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NOTION Notation Editor App for iPad features real samples from the London Symphony Orchestra   19-Dec-11

NOTION Music has announced the new NOTION app for iPad. They say that this notation editor and playback app gives musicians the ability to compose, edit, and play back scores using top notch real audio samples performed by The London Symphony Orchestra and recorded at Abbey Road Studios. With the mobility of the iPad, NOTION allows users to capture musical ideas at any time and any place.
NOTION Music tells us that NOTION is suitable for all skill levels with its user-friendly interface and simple interactive piano keyboard. The app includes an abundance of advanced functions including an interactive 24-fret guitar fretboard, drum pad note entry, and a full-featured multi-track mixer with effects. Users can alter their score and playback using a palette full of articulations, expressions, and dynamics.
In addition to the notation editor, users can also hear their music performed with real audio samples, playing the most realistic playback possible. NOTION comes bundled with piano and orchestral samples recorded by The London Symphony Orchestra as well as popular instruments such as guitar, bass, and more. NOTION includes a full range of orchestral functions and articulations including staccato, flutter tongues, trills, and vibrato. Guitar functions and articulations consist of bends, vibrato, slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs, mutes, whammy bar techniques, and more. David Mash, Vice President of Education Technology for Berklee College of Music, comments, "NOTION iPad is a breakthrough product, bringing a professional-level, full-featured music notation and playback application to the mobile platform."
NOTION comes with sharing capabilities that allow users to email their work as a .notion, PDF, MusicXML, or MIDI file. It also comes with the ability to search for tabs or MusicXML files online, as well as open Guitar Pro files.
NOTION Music also produces the Progression guitar tab editor for iPad, a convenient and easy-to-use guitar tab creation tool. Progression gives guitarists and bassists the ability to write, edit, playback, and share guitar tablature or regular notation using real audio samples.
Pricing and Availability:
For the first few days of release, NOTION for iPad is available for only $.99, regularly $14.99. This special offer will be available until December 20, 2011 at 11:59pm. More information:
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timofte laurentiu    Said...

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19-Dec-11 07:32 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Is this promotion a con? I have 3GB free in my iPad and this app is 1.12GB in size - yet it will not install - it keeps telling me I don't have enough room. I know you need more room than the App to install it - but 3GB should be sufficient to install a 1GB App.

Coudl it be that Notion are blocking the install so they can claim they offered it for $0.99 but in reality will not allow anyone to buy it until it's $14.99.

I'll stand corrected if someone has managed to buy it - but it's surprising to me that a 1.12 GB App will not install on an iPad with 3GB of free space.

19-Dec-11 07:40 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Eventually got it to install - but it required me to delete a bunch of other apps! I stand corrected however and the $0.99 offer is real.

19-Dec-11 07:48 AM

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