WNAMM12: Guitarists Get iPad Action With Ampdock

Comes with CAT5 pedal board for floor control   30-Jan-12

No flash plug

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Yet more iPad love from Alesis with the Ampdock - designed for the guitiarist, you slip your iPad in to it - much like the IO Dock and DrumDock.

With input and output gain control, two assignable control knobs, it comes with Jam Up and Amplitube amongst other apps.

You plug your guitar in to the Ampdock, then a dedicated footpedal with program switching, bypass and a rocker pedal for volume and wah duties sits on the the floor connected via CAT5 cable.

Expected late Spring at $299




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jobs a good un    Said...

But the latest audit shows that at 93 factories, workers put in more than the 60-hour weekly limit prescribed by the American firm, and a third of all the plants inspected did not have sufficient measures to prevent employees suffering occupational injuries. Good old Apple

30-Jan-12 10:46 AM

Hungryjos    Said...

Yeah, good thing Dell, Nokia, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, Dell, Asus, Acer aren't using those firs! Pfjeeeew!

30-Jan-12 05:26 PM

steve jobs can I have your I pad    Said...

But these companies haven't set themselves up as saviours of the human race !!

get the sick bags out it's an Apple anouncement

31-Jan-12 06:25 AM

quick money    Said...

I bet it does not have its own DA converters as the iDock. I am amazed how many cool products came out for the iPad and NONE of them care about the sound quality, they care just to make quick money around the hyped iPad. Are they deaf? Probably they will sale a lot of that to kids... I am pissed off because I love some of the apps for the iPad and these Alesis products are really what I wanted to have, but it's like watching BlueRay movies on an old CRT TV

01-Feb-12 04:42 AM

quick money    Said...

sorry for the last comment, I was mislead-ed by Nick's review when it came out, now I see it was corrected here and on youtube and the IO Dock has indeed its own AD/DA... Still, Alesis has no excuse not to post that on their website at tech specs, along with sample/bitrate details, noise floor and all that.

04-Feb-12 07:51 PM

Hannah    Said...

Your posting really starighnteed me out. Thanks!

25-Sep-12 09:32 AM

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