Luminescent DR Strings Now Available In 7 String Sets

Stand out for the crowd   06-Feb-12

Luminescent DR Strings Now Available In 7 String Sets


DR Strings are now available in 7-string-sets for guitar. They're the luminescent, psychedelic strings that you may have seen on a few YouTube videos recently.

They've been cropping up all around the place, as they do draw the eye. If neon-colored strings aren't your cup of tea, then you've probably already made up your mind about DR Strings.

If not, then I can personally say that having played on a set, and having heard various recordings done with DR Strings, they do sound very similar to coated strings. They do look pretty cool on black guitars/basses as well.

A number of guitarists have been writing on the DR Strings Facebook page recently to request the release of 7 and 8 string-sets. The 7-string-sets are now available, and we can only assume that an 8-string-set is not far away.

Rich Beech


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mike    Said...

Where can you buy them?

26-Jul-12 05:23 AM

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