Pickups Offer Fat Tone With No Mush

Joe Naylor's Railhammer Pickups feature features rails and poles   10-Feb-12

Pickups Offer Fat Tone With No Mush

Joe Naylor has launched Railhammer Pickups, claimed as a revolutionary new design features rails and poles for fat tone with no mush. Here's the details in the company's own words...
Thin rails sense only a narrow section of string, reducing note smearing and muddiness. Even the most aggressive fast riffs and palm muting are defined, clear and cut through the mix. POLES UNDER THE PLAIN STRINGS FOR FAT SINGING HIGHS.
Oversize 6mm diameter poles sense a wide section of string, increasing thickness and sustain. Slow bend to fast shred, the tone stays fluid and soulful without any thin, nasty harshness. A BETTER HUMBUCKER UNLIKE ANYTHING YOU'VE HEARD BEFORE!
You get clarity that rivals an active pickup, but with rich organic tone only a passive design can deliver. Perfect tonal balance without any compromise. No humbucker on the planet is this musical or responsive!
And there's more: The height tapered rails give you consistent volume from string to string. The efficient magnetic structure puts out a strong and wide magnetic field, so there's no noticeable volume drop-out anywhere on the pickup... bend away!... it'll be loud and clear.
The patent pending Railhammers are designed by award winning guitar industry veteran Joe Naylor. Joe spent many years of R&D and thousands of dollars to develop this concept. The "better humbucker" is now a reality you must experience. Available pickups
  • hyper vintage – bridge
  • hyper vintage - neck
  • chisel - bridge
  • chisel - neck
  • anvil – bridge
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Pricing and Availability:
List prive:$139. Direct price:$89
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