Fuzzbox For Bassists

Fuzzhugger(fx) releases Bass Bloom, a version of the Algal Bloom with more low end   09-Mar-12

Fuzzbox For Bassists

Fuzzhugger(fx) tell us that the new bass Bloom delivers just what bassists have been asking for. They say that it has the harmonically rich, wide-range fuzz of the Algal Bloom tone but with more low-end and a smooth clean blend to seriously open up your sound.
  • Gain, Fuzz (Bloom), Texture (Starve), Fuzz Level, and Clean Level controls.
  • Developed with Smallsound/Bigsound
  • Professionally printed circuit board.
  • LED (gem button style).
  • True-bypass switching.
  • 9v negative tip adapter power. (No batteries.)
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure. (4.7" x 3.7")
  • Lifetime warranty
Pricing and Availability:
$199 More information:
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