Sonic Touch Ep 9 - iPad 3 Meh. But Garageband!

Plus AudioBus preview - two great innovations   09-Mar-12

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Gaz Williams -
Nick Batt - editor

Welcome to another episode of sonic TOUCH - the show dedicated to music creation on the touchscreen device.

We discuss "the new iPad" as it is officially called, plus we get a preview of Audiobus, the new technology in development from A Tasty Pixel  (Loopy) and Audinaka (SoundPrism). But the really big deal is the new Garageband update - just wow.
Multiple band members and remote recording with Jam Sessions - hello...

As ever, we look forward to your comments and suggestions

Featured Apps:
Garageband £2.99 $4.99 - in development

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mckmj    Said...

Best jam ever!

09-Mar-12 03:16 PM

ChucK    Said...

...very nicely done guys-thanks! o_@

09-Mar-12 09:46 PM

Rapscallion    Said...

Best Show yet guys ! I've been an avid iphone jammer for years but just pre ordered my "new iPad" and Im getting quite antsy for it 's arrival . Keep up the good work !

10-Mar-12 02:08 AM

Wildman    Said...

Brilliant Gargageband review. I agree this is mindblowing development. Imagine what this could do in education with kids in music. Someone needs to bring out a ableton loop type of jamming device next. Thanks for doing the review of the new gargaeband early guys (so frustrating when reviews come after ive purchased the app)...its really made my mind up to get an ipad 3 and get this.

10-Mar-12 05:31 AM

D    Said...

Perhaps of interest to you guys ? I just got an AKAI EIE and it is a supper nice alternative to the iO Dock as it adds a usb hub to the audio/midi interface .

14-Mar-12 07:30 PM

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