MESSE12: Alesis 4Ch iPad Record IOMix

Prototype, but coming soon   22-Mar-12

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3:36 mins

Alesis IOMIX - a new four channel audio dock interface Capable of recording up to four channels of audio into your iPad simultaneously - assuming that you can find the software for it.

Sara Yule takes us through.



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CR78    Said...

Nick, access denied to video?

22-Mar-12 11:40 PM

Name    Said...

Getting the same message here...

23-Mar-12 08:14 AM

steve gilbert    Said...

no midi in or out = fail alesis drum dock, guitar dock and i/o dock have midi..why not this?

23-Mar-12 02:29 PM

Derek    Said...

Looks interesting, but as Nick mentioned with the origina IODock--no HDMI output.

Still cool :)

23-Mar-12 03:40 PM

CR78    Said...

Did'nt Sara use to work for TL Audio...?

I seem to remember her showing off the Fat Track.

23-Mar-12 04:18 PM


She did! I was just listening to the post-AES SonicTalk and her name came up..

24-Mar-12 07:29 PM

visitor_lurking    Said...

mackie built one that has 8 or 12 inputs if im not mistaken. so this is rather beaten.

28-Mar-12 03:22 AM

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