Two New Effects For The iStomp

DigiTech launches the Sound-Off and the Spring Tank pedals   28-Mar-12

Two New Effects For The iStomp

DigiTech has announces the availability of two new pedals for the iStomp downloadable stompbox – the Sound-Off and the Spring Tank. DigiTech says that with the Sound-Off they are broadening the range of the pedal line within the Stomp Shop app to now provide an easy to use utility pedal. The Sound-Off is a simple pedal that provides a momentary switch to completely shut the audio signal off when the button is pressed and brings it back when released. This on/off function allows guitarists to create a special effect similar to the pickup on/off switch found on some guitars.
Rob Urry, vice president, HARMAN Professional Division and general manager of Signal Processing and Amplifier Business Units, told Amped, "For guitarists who are looking to create a choppy effect that can be controlled at their feet, the Sound-Off is a flexible solution they can quickly add to their arsenal,nd because we are using digital download technology, we are able to add very unique pedals like the Sound-Off in the Stomp Shop frequently."
Digitech says that the Spring Tank pedal provides the rich spring reverb effect found in vintage amplifiers and on numerous classic and contemporary recordings. They tell us that, not only does the new offering produce a rich stereo spring reverb effect, it also produces the distinctive "boing" artifact unique to spring reverb trays that guitar players have come to know and love.
While the Spring Tank reverb pedal delivers the sound of a traditional spring reverb, Digitech says that it also takes the concept of a spring reverb a step farther. Unlike single knob reverb effects found in guitar amps, the Spring Tank provides four separate knobs to control Reverb level, Boing, Twang and Tone. The pedal has a cool, unusual design, morphing a traditional spring tank into the form of a classic stompbox.
Rob Urry had this to say, "This is one of many new pedals to come as we expand the iStomp pedal line. The pedals in the Stomp Shop offer a wide variety of high-quality tones and effects that musicians are looking for. The new Spring Tank pedal is no exception."
About iStomp
The DigiTech iStomp is an entirely new concept in guitar stompboxes that allows musicians to turn the iStomp into any pedal in the Stomp Shop. Offering almost limitless sonic possibilities, the iStomp connects to an Apple iOS device where musicians can use the Stomp Shop app to load it with the pedal of their choice. The Stomp Shop is a free app and comes with two of the most popular requested pedals, the DigiTech Total Recall™ digital delay and the DigiTech Redline™ Overdrive. It also gives access to additional pedals that musicians can browse, try out, and purchase. With the iStomp, DigiTech can deliver an ever expanding variety of great new pedals to guitar players worldwide via the Stomp Shop app.
Pricing and Availability:
The Sound-Off pedal and Spring Tank pedal are now available from the DigiTech Stomp Shop at an introductory price of only US$0.99 each. This special price will run through April 30, 2012. After the introductory period it will change to its regular price of US$1.99. More information:
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AndyB    Said...

This iStomp thing is fantastically poor value.

Compared to their competitors (Line 6, Zoom etc.) who include all the effects you need in their multi effect pedals (Line 6 M5)... Digitech want to charge another $2 for each download.

$2 for an effect that mutes the signal, really? What a con!

01-Apr-12 02:36 PM

ChimRichalds    Said...

Only problem is that multi-effect units traditionally sound like garbage unless you spend several hundreds of dollars, and even then most don't give you a lot of good sounding effects. You can pick up an iStomp for about $100 bucks (I got mine for 80) and for 20 bucks you can buy 5 or so good sounding effects (possibly more, new models premier at .99 cents). This particular pedal model might be kind of silly, but overall I think the iStomp is pretty sweet.

28-Nov-12 02:55 PM

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