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Jim Dunlop introduces the MXR Slash Octave Fuzz   26-Apr-12

In this youTube video, Dunlop Manufacturing presents the MXR Slash Octave Fuzz. Developed by Slash and the MXR Innovations engineering team over the years for his own personal rig, this pedal is now available to the public. This 100% analog stompbox essentially features three effects in one that can all be used on their own or all together at the same time, creating says Dunlop, an over the top barrage of raw and searing fuzzed-out tones.
First, there is a customized "70's Shag" fuzz circuit complete with tone, volume, and fuzz amount controls. Second is a separate Sub Octave circuit you are able to blend in to taste. Lastly is a separate, vintage-voiced psychedelic Octave Up Fuzz circuit, again with its own mix knob control. In additon, "under the hood" there are internal Gain and Tone pots that allow the user to shape the Octave Up Fuzz circuit.
Emblazoned with custom Slash graphics, the Slash Octave Fuzz features all analog circuitry, true hardwire bypass and comes in a heavy duty housing with durable jacks and switches.
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