New Neodymium Powered Pickups

Q-tuner announces the forthcoming Q2.0 silver line pickups   14-May-12

New Neodymium Powered Pickups

Twenty years after introducing the world's first neodymium powered guitar and bass pickups, the Q-tuner company been in touch to tell us about the forthcoming launch of the new Q2.0 silver line pickups.
They say that the neodymium Q2.0 pickups feature silver colored coils being wound using Swiss made magnet wire especially designed for ultra-high frequency applications. The wire is silver plated in a ratio of 50 gr. Ag/1 Kg. CU.
Compared to its predecessor:
  • The electrical parameters have been enhanced to further increase output, dynamic range and frequency resolution
  • Optimized grade of neodymium
  • Electrical steel blades
  • Ultra pure silver plated OFC wire in a ratio of 50 g Ag/Kg Cu
Pricing and Availability:
No official launch date or pricing available yet. More information:
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