Microsoft's New Tablet - Surface

Hardware looks great, its all about the apps   19-Jun-12

Microsoft's new announcement is shrouded in mystery, indeed the venue was only announced a few days before it is due to run the press conference. A strategy that seemed to work - the world's press are taking notice - yes, even us!

A well kept secret is now out at least as a teaser, Microsoft have entered the tablet market. The hardware is simply called Surface. The teaser video here seems to have the dubstep flavour and what sounds like a bit of additive synthesis bass action.

Microsoft appear to be following Apple's lead, with their own hardware, secretive behaviour, and the beginnings of a closed hardware/software platform.

I wonder if this tablet will prove effective to that end and  become a viable challenge the totally dominant iPad market. Especially in the music sector its apparent that they will have a long way to go before they catch up. But they would be wise to encourage development of music creation apps - this area is one of the larger and most successful ones in the App ecosytem for Apple.

We dont know exactly what the specifications are, but we do know that its available in two models 32 and 64GB - more specifications can be found here .

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mattsynth    Said...

I will stick to my iPad thanks, at least it works every time I use it.

19-Jun-12 07:57 AM

Vermona    Said...

THE most important question; will we be able to get Ableton Live to run on the Pro version?

19-Jun-12 10:22 AM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

Mattsynth: If you define "works every time" as the "iPad always starts when the cover is opened" then, yeah, I agree. But if your definition is "programs never crash and the iPad never needs a reboot when the audio driver stops working" then no.

Vermona: Yes, as long as Ableton Live is WIN8 compliant it will run on the pro version of Surface which uses WIN 8 Pro running on an Intel processor.

I have WIN8 RC running on my desktop and so far have been very impressed by the refresh.

19-Jun-12 11:12 AM

mattsynth    Said...

IDLM said: No I am just saying Apple OS works much better then any Microsoft Windows version. I don't expect much from Microsoft they have let me down many times before.

19-Jun-12 12:30 PM

MS too late to this party    Said...

if they can just get an emulator running on it that would allow people to use iOS apps, they'd be in the race. As it is, I would look at the Pro version to be more an ultra book competitor that iPad. And that being said, how useful is a two piece "ultra tablet" on an airplane, on your couch, or on your lap? (If the "cool" differentiating feature is the attachable keyboard...)

And no price announced? That's laughable.

19-Jun-12 05:19 PM

Dr. Feelgood    Said...

Microsoft has been out of it for years. This is too little, too late. The kind of apps (esp. music apps) currently available on iOS won't be matched by on Microsoft devices anytime soon.

21-Jun-12 12:02 AM

JJ    Said...

I think it's good with competition. This way we will get better and better iPads from Apple for music/media production.

I have invested in about 40 Audio apps on the iOS platform, and I am extremely pleased with the iPad as a music tool, there's no way I would be switching to a microsoft product.

22-Jun-12 06:47 AM

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