Eastwood Introduces New Full-Scale Basses

Free hardshell case if you order one of the three new models before July 1st   26-Jun-12

Eastwood Introduces New Full-Scale Basses

Eastwood Guitars has introduced 3 new bass models, all with full 34" scale. Prices range from $429-$879 and if you order before July 1st they will throw in a $99 hardshell case for free.
Mike from Eastwoodhad this to say, "I started Eastwood Guitars over 10 years ago. Since then we have created dozens of guitar and bass models, focusing primarily on the 50's and 60]s replica variety. As a guitar player, when called upon to play bass, I've always been more comfortable with the short 30" scale as opposed to the traditional 34" scale. They just feel right to me, and as most of the designs we tend to replicate from that era, they too were of the short scale variety. Consequently, most of the bass models we have introduced through the Eastwood and Airline brands have been short scale. What is the downside to the short scale bass?
  • Shorter strings have less tension, and therefore the tone tends to sounds tubbier or even muddy, and with far less sustain. Not a bad thing for many 60's style applications, but does not give you a huge, booming tone.
  • Longer scale basses have more overtones, clarity and punch.
  • 30-inch scale feels noticeably short or awkward to a P-bass player and may be tough to make the adjustment.
Although I still feel every bass players needs a short scale bass in their arsenal, I too feel that Eastwood should have more 34" scale options for our customers. In fact, we have had many customers over the years asking us to reach out to the 34" crowd. So that time has come and we are now introducing 3 new Bass models this summer."
Pricing and Availability:
The Hurricane: $429
The Stormbird: $469
The 34" Airline Map: $879
More information:
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