Vintage Fuzz With Tweakability

Amptweaker announces TightFuzz is available for pre-order   02-Jul-12

Vintage Fuzz With Tweakability

The new TightFuzz was requested by Amptweaker players, and the company says that this one will certainly add some vintage tone to their arsenal. While most vintage fuzz boxes have very few controls, the TightFuzz includes a Tone control to tame the fuzzy edges and the Tight control, a mainstay of Amptweaker pedals, which varies the pick attack from smooth and thick to tight and aggressive. Amptweaker says that this is particularly helpful for tweaking a fuzz tone, since many tend to be too flubby on the low end. With requested Boost and Germanium/Silicon switches, Amptweaker says that the pedal also has the ability to get lower gain tones easily, with an Auto Bias that adjusts appropriately with the Fuzz control, to get the cleanest and nastiest distortions possible with one control. Standard Amptweaker features include an effects loop with Pre/Post switch to add delay or combine other distortion and EQs to further tweak your fuzztone. Other features include the LED illumination of controls, Battery On/Off switch, and magnetic battery access door. Amptweaker tells us that they'll be making final tweaks at NAMM booth 1710, so come by and help out. They will be deciding on some tonal EQ choices, as well as picking between several switch options to decide which give the best tones and flexibility. Here's Amptweakers list of features so far...
  • True Bypass switch
  • Fuzz control automatically adjusts bias - more range
  • Master Volume Control
  • Tight and Tone help tame the fuzz
  • Germanium/Silicon transistor switch for different gain and tone
  • EFX Loop with Pre/Post switch..tracks On/Off Ftsw
  • LED lit knobs when using a power supply
  • Battery disconnect switch with red indicator
  • Works with 9V batteries or 18VDC supply
  • DC Adapter jack, standard 2.1mm X 5.5mm, center ground(-)
  • Magnetic Battery access door opens w/o tools
  • Dimensions 3.7"W X 5"D X 2"H
  • Handmade in the USA
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
Pricing and Availability:
$200-shipped free in the US More information:
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