Learn To Shred With A New DVD

LickLibrary releases Andy James: Shred Concepts   20-Jul-12

Learn To Shred With A New DVD

LickLibrary says that the Andy James: Shred Concepts DVD gives you a unique insight into the guitar styles and techniques of Andy James one of the UK's master shredders. They tell us that it showcases Andy's phenomenal technique while giving you plenty to learn. Here's the details in their own words...
The DVD explores three note per string pentatonic shapes, looks at arpeggios, takes you through multiple note sequences, talks about phrasing concepts and shares his ideas about open string licks. He does all this while through showing you his vast array of killer playing techniques that include alternate picking, string skipping, tapping and much, much more. In fact all you need to know to get your instrument screaming!
Andy James, lead guitarist of Sacred Mother Tongue and long standing LickLibrary guitar teacher, is regarded as one of the UK's top shred and metal guitarists whose playing combines terrifyingly quick alternate picking, sweeps and taps, chilling precise riffs with a brilliant sense of melody. His latest DVD allows you to clearly see what both of his hands are doing as he takes you through each technique step by step in small manageable sound bites. Play each section over and over again until you nail each skill or use the menu to pick and choose what you want to learn and soon you will be taking your playing to a whole new level.

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