Nektar P4 Dedicated Reason Controller Ships

Enhanced workflow hardware get a thumbs up from Propellerheads   26-Jul-12

We first saw the Nektar Panorama P4 at Namm at the start of the year, when we caught up with product developer Tim and saw what level of integration the P4 offers with Reason. With bi-directional feedback via the 3.5” TFT display and backlit buttons, plus the single 100mm Alps motorized fader for automation and level tweaking,  plus  9 regular faders and buttons, 16 rotary encoders, 12 pressure and velocity sensitive pads, and 11 f-keys - it's got a lot going on.
The keybed has been specifically built to provide a sprung, responsive feel with aftertouch - somethng that Tim was particularly proud of if I remember.
The Nektar P4, is available  worldwide shortly for:

Msrp US$ 599.99/UK £ 399.99/EU  EURO 479.99 with an anticipated street price of US$ 499.99.

A few more nuggets of information from Panorma themselves:

Dedicated Reason Control
Panorama integrates and interacts with Reason like no other controller: Completely transparent and with unlimited access to all areas. Every single Reason device is mapped with parameters and their values clearly visible in the display. Switching between Mixer, Instrument and Transport mode reconfigures the entire control surface by just pressing one button. Even if you are not interested in tweaking sounds but prefer to use the comprehensive library of patches in Reason, Panorama delivers an experience like it has never been available before. Patch names are displayed clearly as you step through the current sound bank. To play Panorama adds an additional dimension and is the closest you get, to operate Reason, as if its hardware.


49-note velocity-sensitive keyboard


Weighted synth-style keybed

Pitch bend & Modulation wheels

4 keyboard function buttons

3.5” high-resolution TFT display

16 encoders

9 45mm faders

100 mm ALPS motorized fader*

10 assignable LED buttons

28 additional assignable buttons

12 pads with velocity/pressure sensitivity

4 LED mode buttons

5 menu buttons under display

Pads and motorized fader select buttons

View and mute buttons

Sustain pedal jack (pedal not included)

Expression pedal jack (pedal not included)

USB port for communication with computer

USB Micro B connector for extra and external power*

Mac OS X and Windows XP, Vista & 7 compatible

*Two USB ports or external USB power supply required to power entire unit. One USB port powers entire unit with the exception of the motorized fader.





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At last! :D

26-Jul-12 04:16 PM

Robert Willson    Said...

Nick when you get one for review, you undoubtably will, could you ascertain whether it is possible to connect another controller to it, so that you could have say a larger keybed.

26-Jul-12 04:45 PM

Atomic Shadow    Said...

I am dubious about these dedicated controllers for software. In not too many years it will be just another USB keyboard when Reason moves on to bigger and badder versions. In twenty years it will be next to useless where a good hardware synth will still be a useful musical instrument.

27-Jul-12 07:00 AM

Me    Said...

Look -- if designers REALLY wanted to give us something useful, they'd do the following:

1. Design software that could be used without needing to look at your hands while making adjustments.

And that's about it. If you think I'm kidding -- or if you that that I'm asking for the impossible, think again.

I have an absolute TON of ideas how to make this happen -- but you'd have to rebuild an entire operating system to do it. This would require about two months for most large companies, and perhaps several years for a small one. For an individual, it is asking for too much.

I believe that one day, either software giants like Steinberg and Cakewalk MIGHT get it, and might start making it possible to control an entire sequencer program by using a single hand and no mouse. Again -- it CAN be done -- you need to make it possible to use a cursor diamond and alpha wheel combo, like what you get on most rack-mountable synths. The other thing is that all companies need to dispense, RIGHT NOW, with all WINDOWS, and convert all programs to SCREENS.

If someone would do this, it might save my forearms and my musical career.

31-Jul-12 08:15 PM

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