Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great

New book by guitar repairman and builder, Dan Erlewine, tells you how   30-Jul-12

Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great

has published How To Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great!, second edition by Dan Erlewine.
They tell us that it teaches you everything you need to choose, use, and improve any electric guitar – from walking into a store and purchasing with confidence to walking onstage with your instrument playing the way you want it to.
Backbeat Books says that, whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced guitarist, this easy-to-use "owner's manual" guides you step-by-step through setup and adjustment techniques and reveals many of Dan's secrets along the way.
Topics include:
  • Evaluating a guitar from headstock to tail piece
  • Finding and using the right tools
  • Trouble shooting your guitar's setup
  • Personalizing action and intonation using the guitars of the pro for comparison
New in this edition:
  • Introduction to guitar wiring and how to replace a pickup
  • DVD included: set up your Strat, Les Paul, bass, or Floyd Rose
  • Dan's favorite method for adjusting the truss rod on any guitar
  • Getting started with soldering and guitar wiring
About the Author:
Dan Erlewine began playing guitars – and tearing them apart – in 1960, and never stopped. A widely respected guitar repairman and builder, he has created Albert King's famous "Lucy" Flying V guitar and a custom model for Jerry Garcia and worked with many other famous artists. Erlewine is the world's best-known educator on guitar repair. His instructional videotapes, first released in1984, still lead the field. A Guitar Player columnist since 1985, he currently specializes in new product development for Stewart-MacDonald's Guitar Shop Supply in Athens, Ohio.
Pricing and Availability:
Soft cover with DVD: $16.99 More information:
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