PRS Designed 'Modern-Classic' Humbuckers Now Available Separately

Grab a slice of PRS 'Modern Classic' tone in a pickup   09-Aug-12

PRS Designed 'Modern-Classic' Humbuckers Now Available Separately

Fancy getting the tone of a PRS Modern Classic humbucker in a different guitar? The 59/09 and the 53/10 humbuckers, both of which were designed by Paul Reed Smith, will be hitting the market soon.

Until now, both models have been available only on PRS Guitars instruments. The alnico pickups were designed to capture the tone of iconic 1950s-era guitars, each is made with vintage-style wire and wound in-house at PRS.

Introduced in 2009, the uncovered 59/09 treble and bass pickups have been described as providing rich harmonic overtones. With the classic setup of a punchy bridge and cleaner neck pickup, the pair offer a good range of tones. The 59/09 are compatible with both five-way blade and five-way rotary switches.

Smith's 53/10 pickups were inspired by the tone of single-coil guitars from the 50s and are warmer in tone than their 59/09 cousins, but with more on the top end. The pickups are compatible with toggle switches and push/pull tone pots.

The 59/09 and 53/10 pickups carry a retail price of £159 each and will be available to purchase from

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