10 Great Jokes About Guitarists

Go on, have a laugh at your own expense   22-Sep-12

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6) A guitarist wins 15 million at the Lottery.

When a reporter asked “What are you going to do now?”

He replied “I’m going to fund a half successful career as a guitarist."


7) How do you know someone's a really good guitarist?

He'll tell you! 


8) How do you get a guitarist to stop playing?

Give him a sheet of music.


9) My neighbor had the audacity to knock on my door at 2am this morning. Luckily for him I was trying out my new Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier at the time.

10) Why are so many guitarists jokes one-liners?

So the rest of the band can understand them.


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Jay    Said...

Not guitarist jokes, but two of my favorite musician jokes:

Q: How can you tell when the stage is level? A: The drool comes out of BOTH sides of the drummer's mouth. (I'm a drummer, BTW.)

Q: What did it say on the bluesman's tombstone? A: Well, I DIDN'T wake up this morning.

24-Sep-12 09:07 AM

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