Tony Iommi Is The Best Metal Guitarist Of All Time

Gibson name the Black Sabbath guitarist as number one   24-Sep-12

3: Randy Rhoads

Gibson placed Randy Rhoads at number three, the guitarist rose to extraordinary fame as the guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne, but died in tragic circumstances in 1982. His and Tony Iommi's admissions in the top three perhaps go to the show that the key to being awesome is playing with Ozzy!

Gibson wrote:

"With Randy Rhoads on lead guitar, Ozzy Osbourne's debut solo release, 1980's Blizzard of Ozz, had no chance to fail. The record was one of heavy metal’s supreme releases, very much thanks to Rhoads' blistering playing.

"While other guitarists of the era emulated Eddie Van Halen, Rhoads stepped out on his own, incorporating classic music into his passages. His untimely death in a freak airplane accident in 1982 remains one of metal’s biggest heartbreaks."

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I agree wholeheartedly. Yes!!

24-Sep-12 06:07 PM


I agree wholeheartedly. Yes!!

24-Sep-12 06:14 PM

D    Said...

Shocking - a guitar company names someone who uses their product as the best metal guitarist. Should we expect anything different?

24-Sep-12 11:47 PM

H.D.    Said...

Tony should be the only one on the top ten list. No one else has come close to what he has done.

01-Oct-12 08:49 PM

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