Tony Iommi Is The Best Metal Guitarist Of All Time

Gibson name the Black Sabbath guitarist as number one   24-Sep-12

4: John Petrucci

Gibson placed Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci at number four on the list, his prog style popularised the genre for a new generation of fans, and he's still influencing young guitarists today.

Gibson wrote:

"When Dream Theater’s rank rose in the early ‘90s, six (at times, seven)-stringer John Petrucci was straight away recognized as one of the most technically proficient guitarists in all of contemporary heavy metal. Even as the band makeup has changed, Petrucci’s hard work and constant drive to push have helped take Dream Theater to new heights with their instruments, delivering imaginative, razor sharp progressive metal music."

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I agree wholeheartedly. Yes!!

24-Sep-12 06:07 PM


I agree wholeheartedly. Yes!!

24-Sep-12 06:14 PM

D    Said...

Shocking - a guitar company names someone who uses their product as the best metal guitarist. Should we expect anything different?

24-Sep-12 11:47 PM

H.D.    Said...

Tony should be the only one on the top ten list. No one else has come close to what he has done.

01-Oct-12 08:49 PM

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