Pickups For 9 And 10 String Guitars

Lace introduces 5.0 Aluma X-Bar and Deathbar ERG models   05-Oct-12

Pickups For 9 And 10 String Guitars

Lace Music Products has introduced the 5.0 version of its X-Bar and Deathbar versions for ERG guitars. Lace tells us that, after many requests from players needing a longer version, the new 5.0 models are 5 inches in length. They are indented for use with 9 and 10 string designed guitars. Applications are for straight or fan fretted instruments for maximum string to string coverage of 4.35 inches.
The 5.0 X-Bar is for either neck or bridge position. While the Deathbar version is a higher output version with a more aggressive midrange designed for the bridge position.
The pickups are designed specifically for Extended Range Guitars. Lace says that the X-Bar and Deathbar have a broad, sensitive, wide band tone, with loads of warmth, clarity and headroom.
Both new models are patented and patent pending "current driven" designs only available thru Lace Music Products. They are passive in design with high output, light weight, high definition and a zero noise level. Specifications
  • Deathbar-5.0k Ohms, 1320 Peak Frequency and a 50 Henries rating.
  • X-Bar- 2.4k Ohms, 2200 Peak Frequency and a 28 Henries rating.
  • X-Bars and Deathbars are available in black anodize only.
Pricing and Availability:
Suggested Retail is $ 179.99 for either model More information:
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