Moog The Source - A Synth I Always Wanted

Irrational desire justified - how about you?   07-Oct-12

If you're into synths, the chances are you have a list. With one, quite possibly more entries - lets face it, there are so many to choose from. I confess I have a list. Top of which is the Moog The Source - there’s just something about it that seems to call to me.

I dont know if it's the Moog "thing" but I’m guessing not, I’ve never really been able to fit a Moog into anything I do - it must be something to do with the tiny spectral range of my mixes - In my defence, I started out with a Roland D110 and a Mirage sampler, I just can never find the room for the Moog largess, though in my heart I know it's no excuse.

No, I think it's more superficial, something about the colours and the design of the front panel, and that beautifully weighted scroll knob - you only get one, so they made it the king of potentiometers and quite possibly one of the first implementations of the rotary encoder on an instrument?  I am more than likely to be proved wrong here by those with far superior knowledge on such matters....

I do know that it is their first programmable offering with a princely 16 memory locations. At a time when RAM must have been ludicrously expensive, I bet that was one factor that made it as much as many polysynths back in 1981..

I’ve also heard that it's not really considered to be one of the finest Moog synthesizers - certainly not a classic. I mean not really designed for real-time parameter tweaking - what with only the one knob, the rest of the expression can only come from the mod and pitch wheel. Though rumour has it that it can still produce those large bass and lead lines. Assuming the membrane switches still work - these are some of the most troublesome things to fix on old instruments.

However, it surely must have inspired a few great tunes - Mr Vince Clarke has one and thats good enough for me. I also have the fantasy that 90s remix duo The Source (Featuring Candi Statton “You Got The Love”) might just have got their name from it, and in my imagination, that classic blassline  from the Frankie Knuckles mashup is played on a Source, or rather The Source.
Take a listen...


I know that this is not true, but I still do want one.  Though they dont come up all that often, and still fetch up to a grand or so (UK)
What’s your secret synth desire?

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s r dhain (juicyaudio)    Said...

a MEMORYMOOG..preferably a LAMM'D one, as the std ones can be a nightmare from past experience ( one burst into flames internally, whilst i was using it). Power, mystery and the hammer of the gods, as they say.

07-Oct-12 04:58 PM

Jam Jar Jimmy    Said...

My first synth was a Moog Prodigy but I really wanted a Pro-One.

Apart from having a short go on one in the shop on the day I picked up my Prodigy, I've never used one.

07-Oct-12 05:50 PM

jabels    Said...

Maybe not the most oldschool, but I think a Nord Stage 2 would be the most useful thing for me. Given that I enjoy playing most any kind of music, being able to do piano, organ, and synth in one box with a weighted 88 keyboard would be ideal.

A close second would definitely be an OP-1, just cause it seems like such a great all-in-one songmaking tool. My friend has one and the sounds I've heard from it are unlike anything I've heard elsewhere.

07-Oct-12 06:11 PM

robgs    Said...

A Prophet 5 for me, but I'll settle a anything by Dave Smith

07-Oct-12 06:57 PM

Spiderbox    Said...

1. ARP -Quadra 2.moog source(it is very much a classic) 3. OBH-8 voice

yeah i think the lay out of this source is fun,so is the quadra, but i feel that its too much for my mixes as well, I am a sucker for nice crisp multi layered pads(wow..It sounds as if I am a tampon collecter/lover). But yeah I would take it over the mini moog and it would be my first go-to mono

07-Oct-12 11:12 PM

Mattsynth    Said...

For me the top analoge synth I have right now is a Prophet 08. Eight voices of pure analog bliss. I have been able to duplicate just about any sound out there with this synth. My dream synth to own would be a brand new Two Voice Pro from Oberheim. Older synths have maintenance issues and I do not have time for that as a working musician.

08-Oct-12 06:58 AM

Rapscallion    Said...

I must also put The Source as one of my top analog wants . I have a bro who has one and its definitely got balls in the sound dept. None of the immediacy of the mini or the Voyager(of which I own one) but as an additional voice of programmable fatness(or weirdness)that would trounce the Fatty for just a bit more $. I've always wanted a EMS Synthi for some reason as well its just so ... damn cool looking ! And if Eno is any indicator then its at least a killer effect to have around ;) I wouldn't hate on a nice Memorymoog either....or a Jupiter 8 ....or a Waldorf Wave.

08-Oct-12 12:10 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Definitely the Synthi-A/VCS-3 for me! :-)

08-Oct-12 04:34 PM

Robbie Ryan (I Love Analogue Blog)    Said...

I have also always wanted a source. I really like the colour scheme, and New Order used the bollocks out of it on their first recordings. I also like the fact that it's shiny and metallic, and not woody like other moogs. But it's got the Minimoog sound, for sure.

08-Oct-12 06:33 PM

hirundo    Said...

I'm not an "analogue-only" purist, but it would be the Jupiter 8 for me, hands down. The sound of my coming of age.

09-Oct-12 03:32 AM

Peter K.    Said...

Marko makes the best videos!

I'd probably want a high end ARP like an Odyssey, just because no one has replicated that sound yet in their filter like DSI, Moog, and now Oberheim have.

A Memorymoog Plus would be amazing, and/or a nice Oberheim poly synth like the OB-Xa.

I'd love a Jupiter 8 but I do have a great JP-6, so that must be at least in the neighbourhood???

09-Oct-12 03:19 PM

hirundo    Said...

There's a nice-looking Source on eBay now, located in Reading Berkshire, GB.

10-Oct-12 03:44 PM

Brian from USA    Said...

I wouldn't mind having my Odyssey back. I traded it off for a Kawai K5, what an idiot.

11-Oct-12 06:54 AM

eXode    Said...

For me it's the Yamaha CS-80. It's such a wonderful instrument with such wonderful articulation.

11-Oct-12 02:59 PM

DBM    Said...

Ob xpander .

12-Oct-12 05:53 AM

Howie    Said...

ARP Odyssey :-)

13-Oct-12 10:19 AM

JK Richards    Said...

OBERHEIM EIGHT VOICE! Time to mortgage the house...

17-Dec-12 08:18 AM

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