One Stompbox – Four Effects

Celestial Effects Cancer Wah the Fuzz? features fixed wah, fuzz, octave fuzz and tube overdrive   08-Oct-12

One Stompbox – Four Effects

Celestial Effects tell us that their new Cancer Wah the Fuzz? pedal features four individual effects packaged neatly into one enclosure. Each effect can be used individually of in conjunction with each other or other external pedals. It's like a pre-wired mini pedal board with a fixed signal path internally. Here's Celestial Effects' description of the individual effects:
    First in the signal path is a fixed wah section. This effect is just like keeping your wah ON and not moving the rocker to actually control the tone of the signal. On the front panel, only the WAH TONE control is available but internally, by opening the bottom cover, there are trim pot adjustments for "Q", GAIN, INPUT IMPEDANCE and MIDS CUT. There is also a jumper block selection available to select one of four center frequencies for the WAH TONE control.
    Next in the signal path is an analog octave fuzz based on the Octavia design. Controls are FUZZ, VOLUME and a switch to turn the octave feature ON and OFF. With the octave OFF, this fuzz is a great alternative to a fuzz face type effect. It can go from mild to wild and cleans up nicely when your guitar volume is rolled back.
    The muscle fuzz section is next in line and started life based on a Ram's Head design but that quickly changed! The tone section was re-vamped and also a clean gain stage was added after the tone section to compensate for the signal loss after it passes through the tone section. This allows you retain that great Ram's Head throaty tone BUT it's not a "muff-led" as in previous models available. Also added was a tone circuit selection switch which turns this little monster into a different animal all together. Controls are FUZZ, VOLUME and TONE and a switch to select Tone circuit.
    Last in the chain is a real tube overdrive section. The tube is nestled in the effect cavity and easily accessible and changed out by removing the bottom cover. It will ship with a JJ Tesla 12AX7 but feel free to experiment with different New and NOS tubes. 12AU7 or 12AT7 versions will work as well. To drive the tube, a stripped down, non-clipping version of the venerable Taurus circuit is present with GAIN, VOLUME and EDGE controls. The tube runs of 9 VDC which in theory should make it last forever, unless you physically break it of course. This section coupled with the fixed wah section conjures up great "Boston's First Album" type tones.
A spokesperson told us, "This pedal is a monster and can go from lean to mean with the various combinations. Limitless combinations of tones are available." Pricing and Availability:
$469 More information:
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