VSTi Is Designed To Emulate The Big Sounds Of Classic Synths

Minimal System Instruments releases the Saturn 5 Analogue Modeled Synthesiser for Windows   15-Oct-12

VSTi Is Designed To Emulate The Big Sounds Of Classic Synths

Minimal System Instruments has released the Saturn 5 VST synth for Windows. Here's what they told Sonic State,
"Analogue synthesis was introduced in the early 70's and took the music production world by storm and even inspired new musical genres. The synthesisers of the time had logical, user fri endly front panels where every parameter had its own dedicated control. Minimal System Instruments have developed a synthesiser inspired by early synth pioneers with the intention of bringing back the essence of pure synthesis.
The Saturn 5 analogue modeling synthesiser has been lovingly developed to accurately produce the classic big sounds of classic synths. We have cut out the gimmicks and concentrated on perfecting the key elements of a good synthesiser such as the oscillators, the filter, and the workflow for the user.
Saturn 5 can produce big bass, sharp leads, lush pads, and modulated sequences and is suitable for any genre of electronic music."

  • Analogue modeling synthesiser inspired by ledgendary synthesis pioneers
  • 3 oscillators and 1 sub oscillator
  • Mixer for blending oscillators
  • Filter with Peaking, Low Pass, and High Pass modes with multi-mode LFO
  • Additional LFO's for OSC 1 and 2 controlling pitch and pulse width
  • Chorus effect
  • Reverb effect
  • Full automation
  • Presets
Pricing and Availability:
£19.99 More information:
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another trip to snoozeville coming up!

15-Oct-12 12:46 PM

Gtrman    Said...

Plugins do not sound as good as the real analog instrument and probably never will. I have tried them all and have not found one. The closest one for me would be Arturia Modular V but it is still lack a certain tone that you get with the original. I gave up on analog plugins and have saved my money for the real thing.

17-Oct-12 06:59 AM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

Hooray! The "plugins never sound as good as analog" comment finally showed up! I was beginning to despair.

17-Oct-12 03:33 PM

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