Podcast: SONIC TALK 287 - On Tour With Gaga, BoomStar Rocket Man

Andy Shillito, live gig tracking and the 12hr single   17-Oct-12

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68:26 mins

Andy Shillito - FOH engineer for The Darkness
Mark Tinley - sound artist and creative thinker
Rich Hilton - Nile Rodger’s studio guy, Chic bandmember
Dave Spiers - makers of fine software instruments and Reason Rack Extensions
Nick Batt - editor Sonicstate.com


We are joined by Andy Shillito freah back from engineering The Darkness supporting Lady Gaga, we talk of his work then how do you add tracks to a live gig recording, Felix Baumgartner’s incredible leap and what are the musical equivalents, the Studio Electronics Boomstar synths. Gaz tells us about his 12hour long single.

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Johan    Said...

Oh no, Sonic State podcast via iTunes has been taken over by Fred. The horror...

18-Oct-12 02:24 AM

Johan    Said...

Oh no, Sonic State podcast via iTunes has been taken over by Fred. The horror...

18-Oct-12 02:25 AM

Nick B    Said...

Yes sorry about that - bad tech day - should be fixed now.

18-Oct-12 09:40 AM

William Shaver    Said...

I like the new format....it's about time you changed the guests...no more Dave, Rich, Gaz and Mark-we now have Alvin and the rest of the chipmunks.

Plus I can listen to the podcast in half the time!

18-Oct-12 06:43 PM

headless    Said...

So, playing a Steinberger is sillier looking than playing iPads and laptops? Just trying to refine the scale.

Great show guys!

19-Oct-12 06:12 PM

hui    Said...

Great episode - one of your best!

29-Oct-12 05:18 AM

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