Would You Like Magic Fingers?

DigiTech Introduces a Vibrato for the iStomp Programmable Pedal   17-Oct-12

Would You Like Magic Fingers?

Vibrato is one of the most identifiable guitar effects, and DigiTech tells us that they are giving it a new voice with the introduction of the Magic Fingers Vibrato for its iStomp programmable pedal. They say that Magic Fingers takes a guitar signal and modulates its pitch slightly, giving it an animated "vocal" quality, but also offers unique stereo panning and chorusing effects, to create new sounds unavailable anywhere else.
Scott Klimt, marketing manager for DigiTech, told Amped, "Our Magic Fingers Vibrato gives guitarists a wide range of traditional and never-before-heard stereo vibrato and chorus sounds. Magic Fingers gives vibrato and chorus a pulsing, moving, spatial quality that can literally add another dimension to live performances and studio tracks."
Here's more details in Digitech's own words:
Magic Fingers can modulate the pitch of a guitar to give it that classic warbling sound that can add tons of personality to a rhythm track or make a lead guitar stand out. The SPREAD control changes the modulation from being synchronized in both of the pedal's outputs to moving from left to right in the sound field, to create dramatic stereo spatial effects. The e-pedal's MIX control enables the player to mix the dry signal back in with the effected signal to produce some of the most lush chorusing ever heard from a stompbox. SPEED and DEPTH controls let guitarists tailor the speed of the effect from a slow sweep to a frantic warble and from subtle pitch variation to an up-and-down sonic roller coaster.
The Magic Fingers' Tap Tempo feature lets players synchronize the speed of the vibrato or the panning with the beat of the music. Tap Tempo is enabled by holding down the footswitch until the indicator LED begins to flash. While Tap Tempo is active the player can use the SPEED knob to adjust the ratio of the tap interval to create faster speeds.
The DigiTech iStomp is an entirely new concept in guitar stompboxes that allows musicians to turn the iStomp into any pedal in the Stomp Shop online pedal store. Offering almost limitless sonic possibilities, the iStomp connects to an Apple iOS device where musicians can use the Stomp Shop app to load it with the e-pedal of their choice. The Stomp Shop is a free app and comes with two of the most popular requested pedals, the DigiTech Total Recall Delay™ and the DigiTech Redline Overdrive™. It gives access to more than 30 additional e-pedals that musicians can browse, try out and purchase, with more e-pedals added every month.
Pricing and Availability:
The DigiTech Magic Fingers e-pedal will be available in October 15 2012 at an introductory price of $0.99. This introductory price will run through November 12, 2012. After the introductory period the price will change to $7.99.
The DigiTech iStomp is currently available at $229.95 suggested retail. More information:
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