Four-Voice Pitch Shift Stompbox

DigiTech introduces the Swing Shift e-pedal for the iStomp   24-Oct-12

Four-Voice Pitch Shift Stompbox

DigiTech has announced the Swing Shift quad-pitch-shift e-pedal for its iStomp programmable pedal. Swing Shift provides a four-voice pitch shift effect, letting guitarists mix Octave Down, Fifth Down, Octave Up and Fifth Up voices with their original note to create massive harmonized chords, riffs and solos.
Scott Klimt, marketing manager for DigiTech, told Amped, "Sometimes guitarists want an effect that's subtle – and sometimes they want something completely over the top. Our Swing Shift lets them have it either way – it can add a hint of an upper or lower octave or perfect fifth to the original signal, or use all four intervals and generate a huge pipe organ-like sound."
The Swing Shift's four knobs let users mix in any amount of octave down, fifth down, octave up and fifth up, individually or in any combination. Digitech says that, by adding an overdrive or distortion pedal after the Swing Shift, guitarists can create huge-sounding power chords and polyphonic riffs.
Pricing and Availability:
The DigiTech Swing Shift e-pedal will be available in October 2012 at an introductory price of $0.99. This introductory price will run for 30 days. After the introductory period the price will change to $9.99.
The DigiTech iStomp is currently available at $229.95 suggested retail. More information:
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