Learn To Play Rainbow

New release from LickLibrary features songs and solos by Ritchie Blackmore   05-Nov-12

Learn To Play Rainbow

LickLibrary say that the are bringing you the definitive guitar lesson on learning to play Rainbow, featuring songs and solos by the legendary Ritchie Blackmore with a double DVD set that looks at five classic tracks from the early Rainbow / Ronnie James Dio years and covers a whole range or guitar techniques with over three hours of lessons. Here's what they have to say about it:
Learn To Play Rainbow takes you through note for note the epic Stargazer full of symphonic influences, the power metal track Gates of Babylon with its extended solo, and the progressive rock track Man On The Silver Mountain with its catchy riff and amazing solo. Also included is Rainbow's instrumental cover of the Yardbird's Still I'm Sad, which features remarkable guitar fretwork and Kill the King from the seminal Rainbow album Long Live Rock 'n' Roll.
Danny Gill, the much-admired guitarist and tutor, breaks each track down into its component parts and gives clear demonstrations of Ritchie Blackmore's techniques that include arpeggios, sweet picking and his neo-classical style of playing. He also talks about the scales that Ritchie Blackmore used including the diatonic, harmonic minor and the Hungarian or gypsy minor scales. The DVD allows you to watch any part of each lesson or track again and again through the easy to use menu navigation.
Learn To Play Rainbow can be found at LickLibrary along with the related Jamtrax CD.
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I'm looking for the F# B E G# B E tuning scales, and chords. I never took guitar lessons and it became obvious to me that I didn't have the innate talent to learn on my own. Would you know a few things to share to use during practice to make me improve as a guitarists??

06-Nov-12 08:45 PM

Johnson    Said...

Hi can you share any fast tricks to develop callouses on my finger tips? Cause I really need it in my guitar lessons....I hope to hear back from you soon....

11-Nov-12 10:12 PM

John Matrix    Said...

Just play more, the one and only trick. Some people use glue though.

10-Dec-12 07:52 AM

Johnson    Said...

I would like to know about the fret lights light up fret & fret light instruction to use in my guitar lessons..Also I can't find out how to play a B chord. This is the I had gone through: http://www.guitarists.net/guitar_lessons/view.php?id=91

13-Dec-12 03:15 AM

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