Stompbox Offers Automatic Double Tracking

DigiTech introduces the Red Coral Dual Detune E-Pedal for the iStomp   07-Nov-12

Stompbox Offers Automatic Double Tracking

DigiTech has announced the introduction of its Red Coral Dual Detune e-pedal for its iStomp programmable pedal. The Red Coral adds a choice of one or two slightly pitch-shifted signals to the original, to "double" or beef up the sound of a guitar, bass, keyboard or other instruments.
Scott Klimt, marketing manager for DigiTech, told Sonic State, "Known as automatic double tracking or ADT, mixing a delay with an original signal is one of the classic recording studio techniques for making a guitar or instrumental part sound 'bigger' or making a single guitar sound like two guitars playing at once. Our Red Coral now makes this automatic double tracking studio effect available to musicians everywhere in an easy to use pedal."
The DigiTech Red Coral offers a detuning effect that's similar to a chorus pedal in that it adds a pitch-shifted signal to the original. However, the pitch shift doesn't modulate like the regular slow or fast cycling of a chorus pedal – the amount of pitch shift stays the same. The resulting effect can sound like two guitarists playing at the same time. The Red Coral Dual Detune offers two independent voices each capable of plus or minus 24 cents of pitch shift, to produce anything from extremely subtle to lush detuning and double tracking effects. Each of the voices has an independent level control so that when the pedal is used in stereo one channel can be detuned while the other channel remains unaffected.
Pricing and Availability:
The DigiTech Red Coral Dual Detune e-pedal will be available in November 2012 at an introductory price of $0.99. This introductory price will run for one month. After the introductory period the price will change to $6.99.
The DigiTech iStomp is currently available at $229.95 suggested retail.
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