Paul McCartney and Wings Guitarist Critically Ill After Heart Attack

Henry McCullough in critical condition   07-Nov-12

Paul McCartney and Wings Guitarist Critically Ill After Heart Attack
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Wings guitarist Henry McCullough has suffered a heart attack and is in critical condition. The guitarist, from Londonderry, Northern Ireland, was reported to have died, but his sister confirmed he was still alive at 1200 (GMT) November 7, 2012.

He spent a short stint as the guitarist for Paul McCartney's band, Wings, in the 1970s, and also performed with Joe Cocker, Marianne Faithful and Donovan.

Famous for playing a Gibson ES-335, he was invited to join Wings by Paul McCartney, but left before the recording of Band on the Run due to a disagreement with McCartney.

His sister Rae Morrison told the BBC that he had suffered a heart attack on Monday, and that the family is deeply concerned:

"He is a very special person.

"We really are very worried for him, his sister is on her way home from Florida and his brother is coming home from Glasgow."

In recent years he toured and released music as a solo artist.

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worldblee    Said...

The headline makes it sound like Paul McCartney is also critically ill...

07-Nov-12 07:45 PM

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