New Approach To Synthesis Unveiled

Tone2's new Rayblaster features Impulse Modeling Synthesis (IMS)   09-Nov-12

Tone2 tells us that Impulse Modeling Synthesis (IMS) is a radically new and different approach to synthetic sound generation, based on the latest research in psychoacoustics. It's first exponent, Rayblaster creates its characterful sound from many short bursts of energy, then combined to form a more complex sound.
Tone2 says that this innovative and unique approach to synthesis is very close to what happens within the human inner ear, sounds more authentic and gives you access to a wide range of sounds.
  • Revolutionary new synthesis method
  • Access completely new sonic territory
  • High-end sound quality
  • Create professional sounds with character and impossible with any other synthesizer
  • Lets your music stand out from the crowd!
  • Professional sound quality that is never muddy and fits well into the mix
  • Sounds more detailed, pleasant, fat and louder than conventional synths
  • Independent control over pitch, timing and timbre
  • Filter import: Mimic filters of other synthesizers or create your own fantasy filters.
  • Resynthesis allows easy import & manipulation of your own sounds
  • Huge sonic range and very flexible
  • Easy to use & fun to play
  • Over 500 ready-to-use sounds by professional designers
  • Psychoacoustic processing
  • Expandability
  • Low CPU
  • Fair price
Pricing and Availability:
Rayblaster will out for Mac & PC in December 2012 More information:
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SteveB    Said...

Woah, that's a truly awful video.

09-Nov-12 12:41 PM

al_bot    Said...

yeah, too much talkin and not enough music. too much random noise

09-Nov-12 04:15 PM

Peter K.    Said...

I was pretty skeptical of this product, but what sealed it for me was when they said the part about it being 'louder' than other soft synths. Seems like a lot of poorly executed marketing hyperbole.

12-Nov-12 02:22 AM

bartal    Said...

I like it. A hardware version would be nice.

14-Nov-12 06:52 AM

rb_user    Said...

I bought it. Nice (wavetable-ish) resynthesis feature (sounds different than e.g Harmor or Alchemy). Not perfect, but no synth is ;)

02-Jul-13 11:20 AM

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