Video: Ex Iron Maiden Singer Gets Into Awkward Confrontation

Let the 20 minutes of cringing commence   15-Nov-12

Paul Di'Anno in Donetsk

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BRUCE RULES !!!!    Said...

This man : Paul di Anno is a really big piece of shit ! Younger, he was a quite good singer, but never as good as Bruce Dickinson is. Bruce has put Iron Maiden where Di Anno has never been able to do. Always drunk, drugged, never on stage when it comes to... this is why he got fired from Maiden... Now, he just sings in some pubs, nobody takes care of him from more than the last ten years, and saying some shit on Bruce Dickinson is the only way he has found to feel himself alive and make people talk about him.. No pity for a man like that. What a prick !!

22-Nov-12 08:52 AM

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