Sonic Touch ep17: Gestrument, iDensity

Deconstructed arpeggiator and granular synthesis   19-Nov-12

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Gaz Williams - @gazgoldstar
Nick Batt - editor

Welcome to another episode of sonic TOUCH - the show dedicated to music creation on touchscreen devices.

We take a look at  two Granular synthesis apps - iDensity and iPulsaret from Apesoft - plus a brand new app called Gestrument from Jesper Nordin. We also discuss the new iPad 4 and it's surprising speed jump.

As ever, we look forward to your comments and suggestions - please leave them below.

Featured Apps:
iDensity £5.99 / $8.99
iPulsaret £5.99 / $8.99
Gestrument £5.49 / $7.99

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Oddio    Said...

Another great show... would love to see a run down of standard music notation apps... (using Relow currently) As well as any portable audio interfaces for iPad turning it into a field recorder for balanced microphones...?

19-Nov-12 04:25 PM

Oddio    Said...

Notation app spelling correction... it is called "Reflow"

19-Nov-12 04:29 PM

JT    Said...

Found this app call Simplr on iTunes App Store . Great app Have a look at it guys. BTW great show guys. Thanks

19-Nov-12 07:48 PM

NaviRetlav    Said...

You should take a look at Borderlands granular synth for ipad.

20-Nov-12 03:50 AM

Leslie    Said...

Excellent show as usual :) You should explore the vapourware called AudioBus ;)

23-Nov-12 10:09 AM

another gaz    Said...

loved the show, keep 'em coming!

23-Nov-12 02:19 PM

Nick    Said...

I really dig this show. Great to work to and listen in the background.

10-Dec-12 09:19 PM

Tuur    Said...

Yeah, I'd also recommend Samplr and Borderlands. Both very different, but equally fun.

15-Dec-12 04:32 AM

Marc    Said...

Thanks for explaining the difference between iDensity and iPulsaret.

17-Mar-13 06:22 PM

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