John Lennon Signature Guitar Amps

Fargen Amplification announces a line of John Lennon guitar amps and effect pedals   12-Dec-12

John Lennon Signature Guitar Amps

Fargen Amplification has announced the first ever line of John Lennon guitar amplifiers and effect pedals. They say that the line pays tribute to one of the greatest artists of our time, and combines John Lennon's signature tone with his world-renowned artwork – providing a unique experience for musicians and fans alike.

Ben Fargen told us, "I am proud, excited, and truly humbled ... to have the honor to build this line. John Lennon is an iconic artist, poet, musician and composer ... and I am thrilled to bring the vintage John Lennon vibe to his fans, and to musicians across all genres that have been influenced and moved by his genius."

Here's the full details in the company's own words...

The limited edition Artist series is available immediately. Built with custom white components throughout, the Artist series features a special acoustically transparent and UV-protected grill cloth that serves as the canvas for John Lennon's beautiful artwork. A selection of Lennon's designs are now available in limited numbered editions, priced at $4,999 MSRP.

The next release will be the Imagine series amplifier. Also built with custom white components, it is finished in beautiful gloss white lacquer, with elements of John Lennon's artwork shining through. The Imagine series will be available soon, also in a limited edition.

Both amps include proprietary components and a unique design that dampens cabinet vibration. They utilize Fargen's "Decade Switch", allowing the player to instantly switch between distinctive John Lennon tones across the 50's, 60's and 70's.

Fargen will release additional designs in its John Lennon Artist series, as well as a production series amplifier based on the circuit, and two guitar effect pedals.

Fargen has licensed the rights to produce this line, from Bag One Enterprises and Live Nation Merchandise, and is distributing this on its website, and through it's network of authorized dealers including music instrument stores and art galleries. Details are available on the website and dealer inquiries are welcome.

About Fargen Amplification/Sonic Edge

Ben Fargen founded Fargen Amplification in 1998 as a boutique amp manufacturer, and introduced the Sonic Edge brand in 2010. Ben has developed a reputation as one of the top engineers and visionaries in the amplifier space and has shipped custom-built and production model amplifiers to discerning players across the globe. He provides world tour and studio amp support to many of the world's most celebrated guitarists including Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.

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Funkdefino    Said...

Yet another John Lennon signature item that is so expensive even a true fan like myself will have to pass.

12-Dec-12 06:43 AM

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