Podcast: SONIC TALK 296 - Phantom Phone Vibrations

Live 9 Beta, Cubasis, predictions and Zedd   20-Dec-12

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84:11 mins

Mark Tinley - likebeing.com
Dave Spiers - GForce Software
Gaz Williams - songwriter, producer, musician
Mike Grieg - music technology lecturer


Our first topic is the light and fluffy one of the Mayan impending end of the world 10:29, then Gaz gives us his impressions of Live 9 Beta 18:05, Cubasis for iPad and a bit of predicting for next year (53:19) followed by a bit of Zedd (59:59). Finally Gaz plays us out with his latest live recording of a track he wrote inspired by his disappointment with Apple Computer.

Hear Rocket Goldstar's Phantom Phone Vibration in full here

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eric    Said...

No audio format ?please

20-Dec-12 01:15 PM

NIck    Said...

Sorry about that! should be there now

21-Dec-12 05:41 AM

Fly    Said...

I was responsible for a "brown note" in an elevator the other day - what a stink!

21-Dec-12 10:57 AM

thanassis    Said...

Better skype connection, please! We have the year 2012 and not 2002.

23-Dec-12 04:23 AM

NIck B    Said...

I wish it was something we could do something about, Skype is gradually becoming less reliable. I imagine MSoft are rationalising resources

23-Dec-12 05:38 AM

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