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Version 2 of Moog's iPad synth gets a 4-track recorder and more   21-Dec-12

Moog Music has announced the release of Animoog V2 for Apple's iPad. This major update to the TEC-Award Nominated iOS synthesizer is a free update for existing Animoog users and includes many user requested features and product enhancements, such as: accelerometer integration which gives Animoog owners the ability to tilt their iPad in any direction as an interactive 3D modulation source; note hold and scale lock, and tools for advanced users like, Load/Save MIDI CC maps, Audiocopy/Audiopaste integration and support for the new Audiobus platform.

Also, as a holiday gift, Animoog V2 features a powerful 4 Track Recorder, which gives Animoog users the ability to record audio from within Animoog or import audio tracks directly from their iTunes library. Users can then split, loop, copy, paste, and share individual clips, or mix down entire songs and upload them directly to SoundCloud, all from within the Animoog's universe.

This 4 Track Recorder will be free to existing users until Dec. 31, 2012 at which time it will revert to it's regular price of $4.99 in the Animoog Store.

Pricing and Availability:
Between Dec 20th and Dec 31st Animoog for iPad will be available at the promotional price of $14.99 (reg. price $29.99), Animoog for iPhone will be available at the promotional price of $4.99 (reg. price $9.99), and Moog's first iOS app, Filtatron will be available at the promotional price of $4.99 (reg. price $7.99).

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Mark    Said...

Will there be an upgrade price for v.1 users?

21-Dec-12 03:04 PM

Trent    Said...


21-Dec-12 06:35 PM

Mark    Said...

Thanks Trent, can you post a link as to this Free upgrade?

21-Dec-12 07:42 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Upgraded. Phew! Animoog was excellent, Animoog V2 is breadth taking. To my ears, you cannot get a more ' Moog' sound than this. In the bass end it sounds like a Taurus 1 pedal. Jaw-dropping good.

Moog - please release this as a plugin for Mac/PC. Even if multiples the price, I'd by it in a hear beat.

22-Dec-12 05:31 AM

Trent    Said...

Mark, all you have to do is go into the App Store and download the latest version of Animoog ;)

22-Dec-12 09:15 AM

Saxon    Said...

This upgrade is for the iPad only. I would never run this on an iPod as it does not have enough power. So, I you bought the iPod version you will have to buy it again. I am a little mystified why the upgrade is not available to me as I only have an iPad and MBP. I must have bought the iPad version by mistake. Anyway, I will NOT be buying this again.

28-Dec-12 10:17 AM

Chris    Said...

The latest update takes away your "free" four track, or asks for registration info which it does not deliver, or asks for money for a product that isn't at the store. My five star review will be plummeting to 1 star at the app store if they don't fix it!

18-Mar-13 08:23 PM

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