Waves Synth Details

Waves gives us the official story and a video   07-Jan-13

Waves Synth Details

We brought you breaking news of the Waves Element synthesiser last week but here's the official press release just in from Waves:

Waves Audio, introduces Element, its first-ever synthesizer. Powered by Virtual Voltage™ technology, Element is an analog-style polyphonic instrument engineered to deliver the fat, gritty sound of the classics, with all the precision, flexibility and control of contemporary digital synths. Element includes a vast array of convenient features and functions, including integrated effects, a 16-step arpeggiator/sequencer, MIDI Learn for all controls and a massive preset library, with total tweakability. Plus, all parameters are laid out right in front of the user, so when inspiration strikes, there's no need to scroll through page after page to customize sounds. Searing leads, booming basses, ethereal pads, electro-percussion, sequential motions, mind-blowing FX and lots more: Element does it all.

London-based Yoad Nevo, who has enjoyed a successful career as a producer/engineer for such artists as Air, Goldfrapp and Pet Shop Boys, in addition to being a longtime Waves developer, was instrumental in the development of Element. Here's what he has to say...

"In my work, I use synthesizers quite a bit. Even though I have a large collection of analog synths, I'm always on the lookout for cool new virtual instruments. So when Waves decided to build a synth from the ground up, there were certain things I made sure it had. We knew we wanted to create a synth that would be straightforward and easy to use, so we started with a basic subtractive synthesis engine. We then developed the engine further, adding features and functions along the way, until it grew into a mature synth. Element provides fat sound right off the bat, but also has very comprehensive editing capabilities, which I used to create most of its presets. We made sure to include all its features on a single page: the step sequencer, modulation matrix and effects section, everything. Whether scrolling through presets of creating completely new sounds from scratch, we saw to it that Element would provide users with instant sonic gratification."

Pricing and Availability:

Waves Element is now available at a U.S. MSRP of $200, with a special introductory price of $99.

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Synth_fan    Said...

Are Waves serious in thinking they can charge $200 for a subtractive synth plugin?

It doesn't matter what promotional videos they out out - the asking price it utterly outrageous. ES2 in Logic Pro is better (IMO) and costs nothing extra beyond the price of the entire Logic DAW (not far off the price Waves are asking here for one ordinary subtractive synth!)

Waves are surely excellent in the plugin effects market (though even there their price structure is unsustainable in the long term), but they are outrageously unrealistic, right now, in charging $200 for this.

07-Jan-13 07:56 AM

GTRman    Said...

I agree, Waves products have always been very overpriced. Good product but for God sake it is only software.

07-Jan-13 09:08 AM

CI    Said...

Ok, the guy showed us how he build a song with a softsynth. This could be done exactly the same way with other softsynths.

The question is : Why would I buy this ? Better sound quality ? Non-Linear filters ? Jordan Rudess doesn't use it ?

07-Jan-13 01:02 PM

Justin    Said...

For the intro price, maybe. For two hundred, I just can't see it.

Interesting to see waves do a synth plugin though. I wonder if it will be the first or last.

07-Jan-13 02:18 PM

Justin    Said...

For the intro price, maybe. For two hundred, I just can't see it.

Interesting to see waves do a synth plugin though. I wonder if it will be the first or last.

07-Jan-13 02:18 PM

GuestMe    Said...

I tried the demo and liked the fact is has it all on one screen including Seq/Arpeggiator. Felt it sounded warm and proceeded to buy online from 3rd party shop with discount it costed $75. Probably Waves will never sell this for $200 maybe the $200 is just a marketing stunt to put pressure on you to by at releaser offer price.

07-Jan-13 03:35 PM

I'm Your Dad    Said...

Everyone who posted here must be about 12 years old. In 1985 you would have paid about $2,000 for a synth that couldn't do one-sixteenth of what this thing can do.

07-Jan-13 03:54 PM

GuestMe    Said...

Well, sorry to burst your time-bubble but we are not in the 80s anymore, Today is 8th Jan 2013 !!!

When people talks about price they compare against other current soft-synths offerings... and not against a 1985 hardware synth.

We are not 12 years old (at least I am not) I had a Siel DK 80 when I was young! :) but you shouldn't act/talk/think like a 175 year old turtle either :)

08-Jan-13 03:59 AM

CR78    Said...

As with every new 'latest/greatest' soft synth being released, the benchmark for me is still u-He. Urs raised the bar so high that some developers have pretty much sighed a collective, F' Me. ....

09-Jan-13 11:04 PM

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