WNAMM13: Signature Slash Marshall SL-5 Unveiled at NAMM 2013 (VIDEO)

Slash loves it, and Marshall say it's a cracker   24-Jan-13

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Richard Beech caught up with Nick Bowcott, of Marshall Amplification, who talked us through the new Marshall SL-5 signature Slash amplifier.

Slash wanted to be able to offer his tone to his young fans at a reasonable price, and Nick explains how Marshall engineered this amp to be quiet enough for practicing at home (with high gain levels), and loud enough to play small gigs.

If you're a fan of Slash, and you're a fan of Marshall, then logic dictates that you will probably be a fan of the Marshall SL-5, unveiled at NAMM 2013 for the first time.

Check out the video for the low down on all the features, and the conception of Slash's new amp.

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P.S. Nigel Tufnel has changed immeasurably over the past few years


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JJ    Said...

Great to see a good 12" speaker in a low watt tube amp!

25-Jan-13 03:13 AM

Eric    Said...

I do prefer original " Class 5 " ! Marshall discontinued that model to make some high school stuff like this !! that's a shame , you know !!!

25-Jan-13 04:55 AM

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