WNAMM13: 2013 Range From Seymour Duncan

8 String, bass and a ' Whole Lotta Humbucker'   25-Jan-13

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Rich caught up with Scott from Seymour Duncan and got the latest for 2013 from the pickup meisters.

2013 looks like a big year for bass pickups and the 8 string market is exploding so Seymour Duncan have acted accordingly.

They're also excited to announce the 'Whole Lotta Humbucker'. No names were mentioned but you probably get the idea

Check out the Seymour Duncan website for more info

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Rob H

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fish    Said...

have seymours in 2 guitars in framus panthera and artist handmade in japan,.. one axe sh4 and other aH1 blackout pups,.. duncans are far more better pickups than shity advertising EMGS i had 81 and they suck specially on signal lost clean channel,..will never buy emg again.go with duncans. dimarzios or rockfield mafia humbuckers

11-Feb-13 08:41 AM

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