WNAMM13:Nord Electro 4 Video

It's red, very red.   25-Jan-13

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Winter NAMM 2013 Anaheim:

The Nord Electro 4 had its first US outing this show and Thomas from Clavia gave us a look at the new stage keyboard.

  • Three models
  • Nord C2D B3 tone wheel simulation NEW
  • Improved Key Click and Percussion NEW
  • 122 Rotary Speaker simulation NEW
  • Vox and Farfisa organ simulations
  • Nord Piano Library compatible
  • String Resonance (Gen 1)
  • Long Release
  • Nord Sample Library compatible
  • Powerful Effect section
  • 4 Live Locations/Program Banks
  • Extended Control Pedal Support
  • 2X Memory for Nord Sound Libraries
    (Electro 4 SW73/HP Only) NEW



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Peter K.    Said...

I love the Electro 4D. If I didn't have the amazing C2d, I'd probably get one of those. The pseudo drawbars are great, as is the sound and feel.

26-Jan-13 12:36 AM

Luc    Said...

Can't wait what Clavia has in store for us at MusikMesse 2013.

26-Jan-13 04:54 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Glad they finally..

(a) completed their Electro line-up of three sizes (b) will be releasing a successor to the Wave

..both have been a long time coming. But now they should really get around to updating some of those Wurtlizer and Clavinet samples (which haven't changed since 2001) instead of more indistinguishable acoustic pianos..

26-Jan-13 06:27 AM

asiohead    Said...

Oh yeah! A new synth from my favorite synth manufacturer. Will it be a new Nord Lead, a new Modular or something totally different perhaps ??? I'm excited, can't wait!

26-Jan-13 09:54 AM

Jeff Sepeta    Said...

fugg. the acoustic pianos are SO much better than the ones on my Electro 2 • 73

01-Feb-13 03:29 AM

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