WNAMM13: Sonoma Show First Low Latency Android Audio Driver - Video

20ms Round trip - less for virtual instruments   26-Jan-13

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Winter NAMM 2013 - Sonoma Wireworks:

They said it couldnt be done, low latency audio performance on Android was  unlikely to happen anytime soon, but the boffins at Sonoma WireWorks have cracked the code. We caught up with Doug and Will to get an exclusive demo for actual proof that they have got it down to 20ms for a through signal with processing as demonstrated by the guitar processing in this demo with their GuitarJack hardware and .

Whats next? Now Sonoma have to go to the big guns of the mobile phone industry and get this driver code included in the Android builds they put on their new devices.

It shouldn't be too hard, as we've seen music Apps on iOS dominate the most popular downloads charts pretty much since the platform was launched.

A big hooray to the coders as Sonoma for being the first to develop something that they said couldn't be done.


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JJ    Said...


26-Jan-13 05:19 PM

Gaz    Said...

Now things are about to get interesting...

26-Jan-13 08:30 PM

B    Said...

20ms is still pretty bad in terms of latency for guitar i/o and processing...

27-Jan-13 09:13 PM

Mercury    Said...

what latencies does iOS achieve?

28-Jan-13 02:44 AM

Kim    Said...

iOS has 20ms latency.

28-Jan-13 06:20 AM

yrag    Said...

Good for Sonoma-shame on Google! And I'm writing this on a Nexus 7! It's a great little tablet, but as far as music apps, it can't touch what is available for my 'old' first gen iPad or how it handles masking music, because of Google's sub par audio APIs!

28-Jan-13 01:47 PM

Michelle    Said...

I'm with Sonoma. Thanks for your interest. Here's a FAQ with a bit more info http://www.sonomawireworks.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=11468

29-Jan-13 03:08 PM

Flux302    Said...

but the major issue is I don't think this fixes the actual screen touch latency which round trip is currently about 100ms. I def will look into this more...

31-Jan-13 01:56 PM

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