WNAMM13: DSP Quattro V4.0 Audio Editor

Advanced 2 track editor and mastering   31-Jan-13

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Winter NAMM 2013 - DSP Quattro

DSP Quattro is a Mac based 2 track editor and mastering software package. Version 4 has now added audio restoration for declicking and de-noising your audio.

It is also possible to  apply multiple plugin processing on a per track or per session basis. There's also a powerful batch processing engine, which makes it ideal for repetitive tasks such as sample preparation.

Available now at $99 or if you are a Bias Peak user - you can crossgrade for $50



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Marcus    Said...

I highly recommend to give DSP Quattro a try. When BIAS Inc. ran out of business, I immediately switched over from PEAK to DSP Quattro. And when I played around with to get familiar with this application I started to wonder why I didn't use DSP Quattro before? It's really simple to operate but in many aspects even more advanced and much more robust than PEAK ever used to be. Moreover, Stefano gives a perfect support if that's needed. DSP Quattro - thumbs up!!! :-)

31-Jan-13 06:58 PM

Derek    Said...

Peak, robust? HAH!

For those of you who don't know, DSQ Quattro is what became of TC Spark/XL when TC decided to go hardware only. Mark Tinley, you need to buy this!

(Disclaimer: TC Spark was pretty horrible on OS X too.)

31-Jan-13 10:01 PM

Velocipede    Said...

Also found that if you have a 2.x or 3.x license you can upgrade for US$19. Nice, straightforward program for handling recorded audio.

01-Feb-13 02:40 PM

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