Podcast: SONIC TALK 300 - Twelve and a Half Days

More NAMM wrap, MTI, MIDI is 30, Depeche and Cinco MIDI Organizer   07-Feb-13

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88:2 mins

Rich Hilton - Nile Rodger's studio guy and member of Chic
Chris McLeod - co-founder of GForce Software
Mark Tinley - likebeing.com
Dave Spiers - GForce Software


300 episodes - makes roughly 12 and a half days of listening should you choose to tackle it. First show in June 2006 and here we are. Joining me in the studio to mark this milestone are Dave and Chris plus a couple of bottles of bubbly - thanks guys! On the line are Rich and Mark.
First talk about a few more NAMM items, the Raven MIT (10:34) then a the Tactus terraforming LCD
screen blows our minds (24:04), the 30 years of MIDI panel sparks some reminiscing, we talk about the new release from Depeche Mode (Delta Machine) (58:20), and finally the excellent Cinco MIDI organizer (01:11:55).


Thanks once again to all our panellists, past and present and to the ever helpful chatroom and listeners and viewers for making Sonic TALK the enjoyable experience it is.


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Marc JX8P    Said...

Congrats on reaching 300 episodes, Nick! Very impressive undertaking!

07-Feb-13 09:30 AM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...

Really glad you're doing this and hope you'll carry on for a loOong time! Been listening to every one of those 300 through my studies, exams and lots of hours spend travelling in cars / touring. There's a feeling of knowing you guys personally without ever having met anyone... which is a bit creepy. ;) All the best from Berlin!

07-Feb-13 02:38 PM

RedWalks    Said...

Sorry I missed the show guys, I had to work ! Thx Nick for giving such a infotainment the last weds !! ...Dave makes me blush in my disguise :-D Cya, Red !

07-Feb-13 03:23 PM

Dan Austin    Said...

Congratulations on your 300th show! I've been here since episode #15 or so and have listened to most. Thanks too to the regular guests who have provided me with their expert knowledge and experiences. Cheers

08-Feb-13 10:59 AM

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