Review: Line 6 JTV69-S -James Tyler Designed Variax

Modelling guitar in single coil format   12-Feb-13

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Line 6 have the honor of pretty much creating the Virtual Guitar product line. Their first Variax came in the form of the Variax 300 in late 2002. Since then, they have continued to develop the modelling technology that makes it possible, while at the same time increasing the quality of the actual guitar that it is built into.
This latest batch of  Variax models are made in conjunction with renowned luthier James Tyler to create more attractive axes with the Variax modelling technology built in.

The Variax JTV-69S is based on the classic Strat body with three Vintage-style Alnico Single-coil pickups and the five-way switch. The Variax part adds 29 modelled guitars including two banks of five Custom sounds which can be programmed using the Line 6 Workbench software and uploaded into the Variax via the included USB interface and cable. This makes it possible to store your own models and tunings or reorder the on-board presets for easy access. Using the L6 Link it is also possible to team up with a Pod HD unit and have that control the presets in the Variax when switching patches on the floor unit.

The Variax is powered with a standard video type battery that will give up to 12 hrs playing - enough for some of the most marathon jams. Once the jack or L6 link is inserted into the guitar and the back switch is on, the power is supplied.

Each of the banks of guitar models has five presets, selected by the five-way switch. When the guitar is in native mode - eg - it's just a guitar - the five-way works as you would expect in a Strat type guitar by switching pickups.

The guitar itself is of a decent quality, with a good bridge and nut, locking machine heads, and good quality hardware.

Overall, we were impressed with both the quality of the guitar and the modelling from Line 6 - compared to other modelling guitars, they've done a good job in capturing the essence of the models chosen - obviously they can't physically play like them, but the sound is convincing enough to make you play to the sound of it.


  • T-Model - 1960 Tele, 1968 Thinline
  • Spank - Strat
  • Lester - Les Paul Standard, Goldtop
  • Special - Les Paul Custom, Firebird
  • R-Billy - Gretsch 6120, Silver jet
  • Chime - Rickenbacker 360
  • Semi - Gibson ES - 335, Epiphone Casino
  • Jazzbox - Gibson ES-175, Super 400
  • Acoustic - Martin D-28, D12-28, 0-12, Guild F212, Gibson J-200
  • Reso - Dobro Model 32, Coral Sitar, Danelectro 3021, Gibson Mastertone Banjo, National Tricone


  • Standard
  • Drop D
  • 1/2 Down
  • Drop Db
  • 1 Down
  • Open D
  • Blues G
  • Reso G
  • Open A
  • Bariton

The JTV-69S comes in black, white, tobacco sunburst and gold and also in a twin single coil and one humbucker (bridge pickup) if you prefer that.

Available now $1,399/ £1,049 street.





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5 Comments... Comments are closed while we transition to Disqus    Said...

great review. The acoustic can sound a lot better than what you heard. It needs to bypass the amp and go direct to PA for best full fidelity acoustic.

12-Feb-13 02:18 PM

Greg    Said...

Shhhhhhh. The first Variax was actually the 500.

13-Feb-13 01:41 PM

cammy    Said...

Not very anti folk is it.

25-Feb-13 07:48 PM

cammy    Said...

Give it a few years you will be able to download these guitars for free. And 20$ nylon string encores will be going for thousands on ebay.

25-Feb-13 07:51 PM

cammy    Said...

Give it a few years you will be able to download these guitars for free. And 20$ nylon string encores will be going for thousands on ebay.

25-Feb-13 07:51 PM

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